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We’ve all seen them out there… craveable consumer care kits, sharp magazine covers, a website you can’t tear your eyes away from.

Content. In the WILD!

We’re asking you, our fearless band of Utility Pioneers, to identify creative content in the wild. Keep an eye out for print and digital varieties of content, anything you created with support from Pioneer, ARC Media, Efficiency Services Group or WordSouth.

When you identify content in the wild, send us a selfie. Make sure we can see you + the captured content. One Utility Pioneer wins $50 each week!

Michael Cornelison at Joe Wheeler EMC, Alabama, relaxes with Flash Fiber swag. He created his shirt and yard sign with WordSouth.

Wondering how to capture digital content? Pose in front of the content on your desktop, or pull up a social post on your smartphone and have someone else take your picture. Be creative! And wild. Have fun with this, folks.

To share your creative content find, snap a selfie, share it on social and tag us @UtilityPioneers. Want to keep your adventures in content under wraps? Email us an expedition picture as proof of your content capturing prowess. But adventurers beware. We plan to share!

Think of this contest as The Big Year, but you win more than birdseed. One lucky Utility Pioneer’s selfie will win $50 every Friday, from July through September. Sure, you could buy birdseed with your winnings. But you could also buy a pith helmet and set out for more creative content adventures.

Expedition Tips

Do you have to wallpaper your office with magazines? No. But Jeff Marshall at Clearwater Power, Idaho, does. And that’s AWESOME.

As we build our field guide for wild creative content, we have expedition guidelines. While this contest celebrates our love of content, let’s not forget we are a co-op of communicators. We love facts, too.

Each submission should include:

  • Pictured person’s name, title and utility.
  • A short description of the content featured in the photo, and why it works.
  • An email address and telephone number where the photographer can be contacted.

Please only send digital JPEG or PNG files. Photos may be horizontal or landscape format, and at least 300 dpi at 6 inches tall. You can try to send files larger than 10 MB, but you will fail. Our server refuses to deliver them.

Submissions and supporting information should be sent to hello@pioneer.coop. Put the words “I captured content in the WILD!” in the subject line so we’ll know you’re serious about having fun.

How to Win

The more selfies you take, the better your chances of winning!

One winner will be randomly drawn each Friday from a list of every image submitted. The photo contest starts in August and ends in October. (How could we end this awesome celebration before National Co-op Month?!!!) Each winner receives a $50 gift card. You can send us multiple photos, but each person can only win once.

Addie Armato Langlois captured not one but ALL of the issues of Louisiana Country. Then she displayed them proudly in her office at the Association of Louisiana Electric Cooperatives. Color us impressed, Addie!

The contest is open to any utility staff who have partnered with Pioneer Utility Resources and/or one of our family of service partners (ARC Media, Efficiency Services Group, WordSouth or NewsData).

Each photo should feature a person (utility communicator or another WILLING staff member) with content created by partnering with us. Examples of content in the wild includes electric and broadband magazines, ESG’s consumer care kits, apparel, banners, a wrapped car (or unwrapped, though it’s not as fun), social media posts and websites.

For physical items, please show a person holding or interacting with the item. For digital work, show a person next to a computer or mobile device screen with the work displayed. Don’t be afraid to go wild with this. We love seeing big smiles and fun poses!

Be Aware: We Plan to Share!

By entering the contest, you agree to give Pioneer Utility Resources and our family of services partners permission to share your photo on our website, social media channels, and all other digital or print materials. You also agree that we may try take a selfie with you when we’re all together in the real!