As many of you know, I am relatively new to Pioneer. I approach each and every day as an opportunity to learn more about you, our amazing Utility Pioneers, and the very creative, passionate and sometimes quirky team that supports you.

So when I heard it was time to begin planning for something called Content in the Wild, I gotta admit I was a bit nervous. Shame on me, I’d never heard of this project, so I immediately had visions of Tarzan or George of the Jungle judging animals posing for portraits. Or, because we have offices in the Pacific Northwest, maybe Sasquatch was involved somehow?

Thank goodness our website is easy to search (thanks, Charlie!), and after reading last year’s blog post, I was instantly onboard with the campaign that is simple, fun and celebrates the imagination of Utility Pioneers. Plus, those of you who know me totally get that I am a sucker for interactive celebrations during National Cooperative Month!

I’m a firm believer in being consistent with successful programs, so not too much has changed with this year’s contest. In case you are new to Pioneer (welcome!) or just need a refresher (we’ve all had a lot going on the past year), here are the basics:

pioneer utility services icon

Send us or tag us in a selfie showcasing print and/or digital projects created with support from Pioneer, Efficiency Services Group or WordSouth. Your content could be banners, yard signs, a podcast, a magazine, social content, efficiency kit, community booth, vehicle wrap … you get the picture (literally and figuratively).

You’re entered into a random drawing every Thursday from Sept. 22 to Oct. 27, 2022.

Each week we send one winning Utility Pioneer a $50 gift card!

Six folks will win, but we think we’re all winners when we share content ideas!

That’s it! Well, that’s sorta it because, as you know, there is always some fine print:

1. The more selfies you take, the better your chances of winning!

But each person can only win once (you know that’s only fair!).

2. How to share captured content:

  • Post it on social and tag us @UtilityPioneers (Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and/or Twitter) or
  • Email the selfie to with the pictured person’s name, title and utility. Share a short description of the content featured in the photo, and how it helps share your story. Make sure you share an email address and telephone number so we can contact you when you win(!). Put the words “I captured content in the WILD!” in the subject line so we know you’re serious about having fun.

3. Framing is everything.

Make sure we can see you and the captured content!

  • Pose in front of the content in your office or in your community. Sharing digital content like a website or social post? Pose with the content showing on your laptop or computer, or pull up a social post on your smartphone and have someone else take your picture.
  • While creativity doesn’t give you extra points, it sure does make us smile and may earn you a featured spot in our blog, social media, etc.
  • Please only send digital JPEG or PNG files.
  • Photos may be horizontal or landscape format, and at least 300 dpi at 6 inches tall.
  • Our server hates files larger than 10 MB. We’ve sent it to server therapy, but we’re still waiting for a breakthrough.

4. Be aware, we plan to share!

By entering the contest, you give Pioneer Utility Resources and our family of services partners permission to share your photo on our website, social media channels and all other digital or print materials. You also agree that you will strike a pose with us when we take a selfie with you when we’re together in person!

Check out a few of the Content in the Wild entries from last year.

I can’t wait to see what content we receive this year!


Send us Your Content in the Wild Selfie!