As we plan for 2019, we asked Website Solutions Manager Charlie Stanley to share the latest website design trends with our staff. This video shares the highlights.

Be Concise & Scannable

Keep your consumers’ goal in mind: they want to find useful information quickly. Just because you CAN copy and paste your entire consumer handbook online does not mean you should. Condense copy for the web, or you will frustrate consumers.

  • Use buttons: Readers scan content, looking for words matching what they want to do. Use buttons instead of burying links in text. Buttons should be clear and action-oriented (‘Pay My Bill’ vs ‘Your Account’).
  • Focus on facts: Avoid advertising copy or anything that could be viewed as fluff. Your website should focus on the facts. Period.

Keep Copy Simple

Want to connect with people? Avoid big, multi-syllable words. Keep your writing short and to the point. Get tips from this post about cutting extra words.

Use Forms for Consistency

Do you post jobs, outage alerts, or meeting minutes online? Forms keep information consistent. Charlie developed a dashboard for public power utilities including forms for:

  • Activities
  • Agendas and Minutes
  • Alerts and Outages
  • Bids
  • Calendar and Events
  • Capital Credits
  • Jobs

Be Easy to Find

Make it easy for consumers to reach you. Instead of relying on a contact us page, he suggests adding an in-depth footer with physical addresses, office hours, phone numbers, a general email address, and social media links. Use the footer on every single page.

Want a User-Friendly Website?

For the last decade, Charlie has worked with utilities to streamline online content and connect purposefully with consumers. Need help making your website consumer-friendly? Email Ruralite.