2 women and man speaking to each other

spider on it's webWhen weaving a story for print, you have time to develop characters and a sense of place. But as readers get in the habit of online reading, attention spans dwindle off (and on!) the page.

Use these web writing tips to help your stories stick.

  1. End First — Don’t draw out a story. Try starting a story with the conclusion. Let readers decide if they want to read more.
  2. Why Should the Reader Care? — Forget your personal attachment to the story. Always write with the reader in mind. Why should she care? Does he really want to know the story? Cull details weighing a story down to share the heart of the story.
  3. Avoid Text Clumps — Your eyes need space when reading. Break out lengthy paragraphs to give readers a chance to breathe. Stick to one point per paragraph. Have a list? Use bullet points or numbers.
  4. Be Active to Reach Readers — Use active voice in your articles to help readers connect and feel something for your content.

What web-writing tactics work for you? We’d love to hear your comments!