Ruralite Services is now Pioneer Utility Resources

New Name. Same Commitment to Serve.

Ruralite Services, an Oregon-based cooperative providing communications and agency services to more than 100 consumer-owned utilities, is now Pioneer Utility Resources.

“The new name captures both our long and rich history in the region, but also reflects our goal of blazing new trails with our utility partners across the United States,” Pioneer CEO Michael Shepard says. “It also eliminates the perception that we only operate in rural communities.”

The name change reflects our cooperative’s growing diversity over the last decade. In addition to communication support, we provide a wide scope of services to utilities and utility-related companies through three subsidiaries:

The rebranding effort was endorsed by our Board of Directors, then overwhelmingly approved by our cooperative’s members at the annual meeting in May 2019. It will be phased in throughout 2019.

What about the magazine?

The name of Ruralite magazine, one of our flagship offerings, stays the same. Ruralite is mailed to public power consumers by 47 electric cooperatives, municipal utilities and public utility districts in Alaska, California, Idaho, Nevada, Oregon and Washington. It reaches more than a million readers every month.

“The Ruralite Services brand served us tremendously well for six-and-a-half decades. It has become synonymous with cost effective, high quality utility communications, but it was time to adopt a name that fully captured the multifaceted utility partner we have become,” said Ruralite Board Chair Marc Farmer, general manager of Clatskanie PUD (OR).

Pioneer also publishes Currents and Florida Currents magazines for utilities in Arizona, California, Florida, Hawaii and South Carolina. In 2018, we partnered with the California Municipal Utilities Association to launch California Water & Power magazine. And our support extends beyond magazines. We provide newsletters, website creation and hostingsocial media management, video production, and agency services to utilities and associations.


What else do we do?

Pioneer owns all or part of three other companies delivering news, products and services to primarily the electric utility industry.

  • Efficiency Services Group, LLC provides energy efficiency programs, services and support to more than 40 consumer-owned utilities in the West.
  • NewsData, LLC publishes the closely followed newsletters Clearing Up and California Energy Markets (among others).
  • General Pacific is the Northwest’s leading supply distributor for electric and water utilities and contractors. We helped public power utilities found the company in 1965, and are General Pacific’s largest shareholder.

Pioneer and Efficiency Services Group are headquartered in Hillsboro, Oregon. NewsData’s headquarters is in Seattle and General Pacific is in Fairview, Oregon.

Our name may change, but our focus remains the same. We are a not-for-profit cooperative owned by the utilities and other organizations that use our services. Where there’s a need, there’s a co-op. When we work together, we are Pioneers.


Ready to be a Pioneer?

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