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Truck-or-Treat! Halloween parade ideas for utilities

Spooky fall festivities are rolling out across the nation. Need a creative utility truck costume for your community’s Halloween parade? After following a fun Listerv conversation between electric co-op communicators and National Rural Electric Cooperative Association’s spooktastic communications team, we wanted to share some of their ideas and one of our own.

Creepy Cat

Photo provided by North Western Electric Cooperative, Ohio.

Utility truck dressed as a cat
Photo provided by North Western Electric Cooperative, Ohio.

Use orange cellophane and black electrical tape to transform a truck’s headlights into eyes, then create two cat-shaped ears with thick cardboard or plywood from the warehouse, painted black. You could stop there—adding orange lights around the rest of the truck for effect—or you could turn the boom into the cat’s tail by wrapping it in black plastic or fabric. Idea from North Western Electric Cooperative, Ohio.

Vampire Attack Squad

Vampire electronics drain energy, right? Use that! Dress up a volunteer as a vampire, with electronic plugs hanging from his or her wings and holding a coffee pot, video game controller, hairdryer, or other energy-draining appliance. The vampire walks in front of the utility truck, which is dressed up with anti-vampire attire.

Lineworkers can carry hot sticks as stakes, chasing the vampire away from the crowd (while giving out candy, of course).

To decorate the bucket truck, add a sign saying, “Rid your home of energy vampires!” or “Unplugging energy vampires can lower your electric bill by 10%!” Have two oversized garlic cloves hanging from the boom. Wrap the rest of the truck in orange lights.

Skeleton Crew

Put a life-size skeleton in the bucket, securing a hard hat to the head (hello, zip ties). Add a skeleton to the passenger seat, and have the truck driver wear a skeleton outfit, too. Add purple or orange lights inside the cab for effect. If you have more skeletons handy—and who doesn’t, really—add more around the truck, holding on to the back or sides. Dress the skeletons up with hard hats and safety eye gear. Add a sign to the back of the truck saying, “Caution: Skeleton Crew at Work.” Bonus: Use a smoke machine at the front of the truck to create a fog for everyone walking with the truck in the parade.

More Inspiration

  • Wrap a bucket truck in lights, cobwebs, and caution tape. Pose big spiders in the cobwebs, too.
  • Make a ghost or grim reaper that hangs down from the bucket or put a witch on/in the bucket
  • Use oversized tarps and wrap truck like a mummy, putting two big eyes on the front or side.
  • Dress up your bucket truck to look like a different truck (fire truck, postal truck, ice cream truck).

What Will Your Trucks Look Like this Halloween?

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