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Here are examples of our work:

Magazine Storytelling

From 1999 to 2017, the number of Americans killed by opioid overdoses increased nearly 600 percent, from 8,048 deaths annually to 47,600. In the latest installment of our rural health care series, survivors shine light on a national crisis. Read more.


When Amanda Petersen went into labor a month before her due date, she had no reason to expect complications. But after doctors at Grande Ronde Hospital in La Grande, Oregon, delivered Petersen’s daughter, Mya, via cesarean section, they immediately realized something was wrong. The baby wasn’t breathing. With time running short, hospital staff turned to technology to beam the needed specialist straight to Mya’s side. Read more.


For the past three years, Remote Area Medical – RAM has teamed with hundreds of volunteers in Pahrump, Nevada, to provide free, vital health care to underserved and uninsured individuals in the small mining town. Check out the inspiring story.


Wade Skinner is a welding artist who lives and works just south of Junction City in central Oregon. Wade says he slows his life down and pays attention to detail, turning plain metal into decorative pieces.


Contra dancing is an American folk dance with moves you might find in square dancing. With a few gentle strokes of a rosined bow, fiddle strings come to life, and another contra dance begins in Eugene, Oregon. Dancers move under the direction of caller Woody Lane, who guides them through the flowing dance as they travel up and down the dance hall in lines, greeting other dancers with big smiles. Read more.


Utility Campaign

We partnered with Wells REC to get the word out about how Question 3 on the November 2018 ballot would impact consumers. It was handily defeated.

Promoting Our Brand

Pioneer CEO Michael Shepard and Editor Leon Espinoza share the exciting results of our  readership survey.

Game Night is a long-standing tradition at our biennial Communicator’s workshop, and this video captures a bit of the magic.