Social Media Support

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Engage your audience.

Build your community.

Sustain your presence…

…and still leave work on time.

Ruralite Services’ Social Media Support Program offers two levels of support. Use our planning tools and fresh content to support your current social media efforts, or opt for our all-inclusive social media management plan.

Three bubbles, listing planning tools and content, schedule posts and hands-on crisis communication.

All subscribers receive:

  • Access to an online quarterly planning calendar
  • Custom graphics library
  • Weekly energy-efficiency and safety tips

Social media management subscribers have the added benefit of our team scheduling social media content for them.

We also provide crisis communications support on an as needed-basis, augmenting your staff when communications needs spike in the wake of a crisis. Learn more about this support option here.

After trying the program, Graham County Electric Cooperative Communication Manager Diane Junion said:

“I wear many hats at my small co-op. Ruralite Services helped me ease into my new job duties as communication manager. I was able to use the social media program while developing our Facebook page from scratch, and I continue to keep our page updated with current posts and graphics from Ruralite.”

Our staff can never replace the feel of local social content. However, we can provide tools and ideas to streamline your social media presence and save you some sanity in the process.

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Common questions:

What support can I expect at each subscription level? 

All subscribers use an online content-planning calendar to help plan local social messages for the quarter. We provide custom Facebook and Twitter cover images, suggestions of four to five energy efficiency tips, four to five electrical safety tips and holiday messages each month. We schedule the content for our social media management subscribers.

Do you post content for me? 

Everyone receives our planning tools and content. It is up to you to post content, unless you opt for our social media management plan. If so, you get the same tools, plus we schedule content after you review and approve it. We also schedule up to four additional posts per month, by request.

What kind of content can I expect? 

Each week we provide a #BeSafe tip and consumer #EnergyTips, each paired with a graphic, video or industry link. Graphics branded with your logo are provided for national holidays and utility-related events (i.e. Earth Day, National Cooperative Month, Public Power Week, etc.). 

Will every graphic include my logo? 

Energy efficiency and safety graphics are universal. Holiday images include your logo.

Can I ask Ruralite to create specific content?

We love to get suggestions for program content and partner messages (BPA, Northwest RiverPartners, Touchstone Energy, etc.). If a message is universal, we will do our best to include it in the program. If you need a message about a specific program at your utility, we can work with you for an additional fee to develop a coordinated print, website and social media campaign.

Does the program include reporting features?

This option will be available for our social media management subscribers in 2019.

Do I have to sign up for a year or can I pay monthly? 

You may subscribe on a monthly or annual basis. Let us know which works best for you.