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Pioneer Social helps your utility grow brand awareness, relationships, and website traffic.

We understand the importance of creating a strong social media presence, designed to energize communication efforts, expand your messaging influence and enhance the experience for your members. You’re not alone, we’d love to help!

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Easily identify important interactions across your social media channels in the Smart Inbox. Engage with followers, interact with social media content or filter by specific channel, all without leaving the dashboard.








Use Pioneer Social to schedule social media posts, images and videos ahead of time. Post to individual social media channels, or in bulk, with the option to edit and customize posts on a per channel basis. Before hitting send, preview how your content will appear. Visualize your social media content, search topics for content suggestions or or upload your own graphics or videos directly from your desktop, Dropbox, or Google Drive.







Don’t have time to create social media posts? All Pioneer Social subscribers receive access to our searchable asset libraries. New content is added each month, so your feeds will always be fresh.

Included asset libraries:




Pioneer Social gives you the power to keep an eye on every engagement across all of your social media platforms in one convenient place. The system allows you to easily close out completed engagements, filter by type and research individual customer-members message history to quickly identify trends or better collaborate with coworkers.






Our TwoFourSeven program is designed to benefit community-based utilities and your their customer-members by providing around the clock response to outages, emergency situations, and everyday inquiries. This optional service can immediately address any sensitive posts or comments to your cooperative’s Facebook and Twitter pages, responding to outage reports, member questions and immediate response issues.




Generate engagement reports across your social channels or on a per channel basis. Gain insight into your audience, engagements, mentions and impressions. Identify top performing posts and ideal posting times to enhance the effectiveness of your social media strategy.







Sign up for our Platinum level of service and let Pioneer Social manage your social media channels. Receive monthly custom graphic credits to highlight local events. With our top-tier service, most of your  posts will be locally branded with local utility links in posts where possible. This package also includes paid Facebook advertising and custom monthly reporting.



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We also provide crisis communications support on an as needed-basis, augmenting your staff when communications needs spike in the wake of a crisis. Learn more about this support option here.