Digital Magazines

Meet the digital option your consumers have been asking for.


The easy, out-of-the box digital magazine experience you have been waiting for.

Ruralite can publish a digital edition of your magazine. Email it to consumers, share local stories on social media and include magazine archives on your website.

Benefits of publishing a digital version of your magazine:

  • Feature videos, image galleries.
  • Flexible number of pages, easy updates.
  • Easy-to-read text on any screen.
  • One website link. Forever.
  • Download the magazine for later or view online.
  • Share stories on social media (our video tutorial makes it easy).
  • Email to drive readership.
  • One year of archives (12 issues) included.

Download this flyer to learn more about the features, or see an example for yourself:


Cost: There is a one-time set-up fee of $275. Then pay $150 a month.


Common questions:

Can a digital version replace our print version?
You must be a print magazine customer to get a digital version of the magazine. You can offer a digital version in addition to the print version, as a replacement for the print version for those who request that, and/or as a link on your website. Since you get the same quality basic book content on each platform, the per-copy subscription charge is the same for digital and print copies.

Our print edition prints in black-and-white. Can my digital edition be in color?
The way you print your hard copy of the magazine—color or black and white—is what you get in your digital magazine.

How does the publication appear on my website?
When you publish your first digital edition, you will receive a permalink to place on your utility website. This link automatically updates every month, always linking to the current version.

What statistical reporting is available?
We use Google Analytics to monitor activity for each digital publication. By request, Ruralite can provide regular reports of useful statistics, such as when the link was opened, how much time was spent on what pages and if links were forwarded to others.

Allow at least two weeks for startup of the first digital edition. If submitting a new email list each month, that deadline is the same as the regular mailing label deadline. If using a web opt-in form to collect email participants, that list updates itself.

Who manages email addresses?
If you wish to send the magazine to members via email, supply a spreadsheet monthly to your editor with your members’ name and email address. It will be up to you to maintain and update the list each month.


Want to learn more? Ask your editor or email us. We can’t wait to help you get started!