Editorial Content

Fresh Content When You Need It

Each utility works with an editor to share local stories and strengthen community ties on custom utility pages. The rest of the magazine shares content (common pages). All custom magazine options include full access to our editorial content.

Some utilities feature our editorial content every month. Others use it when short on time. Every piece is thoroughly researched and keeps reader concerns and questions in mind.

Power Lines (Optional)
These articles address current energy concerns such as federal energy policy, technology to balance electric supply with environmental concerns and the impact of grassroots efforts.

Voice Box (Optional)
This series provides the opinions of regional and national energy and legislative experts regarding many areas of present concern.

Dulley Energy Advice Column (Optional)
Mechanical engineer and do-it-yourself advocate James Dulley provides timely advice to help consumers save money with energy-efficiency and conservation tips for the home.

Safety/Efficiency Fillers (Optional)
Different seasons call for different messages. We have a variety of topics on hand.

Plugged In (Common Pages)
Energy gadget reviews, energy-efficiency information and electrical safety tips are provided for consumers.

Outdoor Pursuits (Common Pages)
Fishing, camping and hunting enthusiast Curtis Condon draws from more than 30 years of rustic hobbies to provide useful advice for outdoor pursuits.

The Great Picture Hunt (Common Pages)
Noted photographer David LaBelle pens this series of tips that can help the owner of even the simplest point-and-shoot camera take better photos.

In the Kitchen (Common Pages)
Each month readers enjoy a selection of tasty seasonal recipes and kitchen tips. Many readers tell us this is the first feature they read each month and a prime reason to save past issues.