Are you using social media analytics to make sure messages engage consumers? By digging into monthly Facebook reports, utility communicators can identify words and topics consumers care about, then respond with more messages matching those needs.

At Pioneer Utility Resources, we have social media partnerships with more than 130 utilities. This gives us unique insight into what resonates with public power consumers online.

When cold weather triggered power shortages and outages in February, Pioneer Social fence checkers and account managers helped 75 utilities in several states manage more than 44,000 Facebook comments and 56,000 shares — a jump of 977% compared to the week before.

The analytics from February’s extreme weather event helped our team to drive further engagement for affected systems long after the storm passed.

Outage Messages Hit Home

facebook top postsFor Bluestem Electric Cooperative in Kansas, February 16 was the height of polar vortex activity on social media. The cooperative, which serves over 5,000 members, earned more than 3,600 engagements from a single Facebook message.

Our team of “fence checkers” invited anyone who commented on Bluestem’s page to Like the page if they hadn’t done so already, helping to grow the cooperative’s Facebook page by 118 Fans. That’s 807% more fans than Bluestem had gained in the previous 30 days!

When people engage with your page, we recommend that you follow this same strategy — inviting commenters to like your page. If you don’t have time to do it yourself, talk to us about our Platinum Pioneer Social program.

After using new engagements to increase the fan base, we identify specific words and interests that spark engagements. For Bluestem, outage-related content topped the list in February.

We used Bluestem’s trending topics to create posts to resonate with members in March. We shared outage safety tips, an explanation of how outages happen, and details on the polar vortex and explained the cause of higher than normal bills. The co-op earned more than 21,000 impressions in March by answering questions that were most important to consumers at that time.

facebook engagement graph

Use Reports

Too often we share content and then walk away. Use your reports to feed into a responsive communication plan!

Every month the Pioneer Social team sends detailed reports to our subscribers. We highlight key metrics such as changes in your overall engagement, and we showcase specific content that performed exceptionally well. Since our account managers review analytics for other utilities in your state or in other regions of the U.S., we offer valuable insights on national, regional, and state-level content engagement trends.

Social Support

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Balancing Facebook content, promotion and reporting is worth the effort, but it takes time. Let Pioneer Social help. Working with ARC Media, we specialize in targeted social media campaigns and 24/7/365 consumer-member digital monitoring and response programs. Learn more about our team at Reach the ARC.

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