Leon Espinoza

SVP, Content

Leon, who lives to make others shine, guides a stellar team of leaders and doers.

Before joining Pioneer in 2017, Leon spent 27 years at The Seattle Times, where he was an assistant managing editor on the forefront of change. His work included upholding standards, embracing digital, and guiding the editing and presentation of Pulitzer Prize winning work. Since coming aboard Pioneer, Leon and his teams have dreamed big as they’ve reshaped content, launched new products, and embraced fresh ways of engagement.

Leon serves as Secretary-Treasurer of the National Electric Cooperatives Statewide Editors Association. Leon, a punster at heart who never misses the chance to tell an eye-rolling dad joke, holds a BA in Communications from California State University, Fullerton, along with a Minor in Psychology, which he notes comes in handy.

Leon and his wife, Michelle, have two white fluffballs, Sasha and Nikki, and 3 adult children, Courtney, Lauren, and Eric.

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