Chasity Anderson, CCC, MIP

Assistant Editor

Chasity Anderson joined the wonderful world of cooperatives in 2012 as communications manager of a distribution cooperative in the Midwest. Beginning as a department of one, Chasity honed her storytelling, public relations and event planning skills while communicating about rate changes, leadership changes and the impacts of multiple storms. The communications field has been a constant for Chasity, who led a radio news department for more than a decade and worked for two U.S. senators. She earned a bachelor’s degree in agribusiness management from the University of Central Missouri but really gained her education from the countless relationships and career opportunities she has had along the way.

Chasity lives on a small farm in northern Missouri with her husband, Danny, and the youngest of their two daughters. She enjoys fishing, hunting, trying new recipes, reading and planning the next trip to the beach.

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