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Powerful, our website design and hosting service, builds engaging and scalable websites for consumer-owned utilities, big and small.

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Common Questions About Our Program

How do you design for accessibility?

Every consumer needs access to your content. We can help. We review your website before it launches to ensure the design and content are easy for persons with a disability to use. Then we train your staff on how to add content in a way that reaches all of your consumers.

We built accessibility features into the our web design process and platform, including:

  • Mouse-free navigation
  • Required alt-tags
  • Form field labels

Learn About ADA Compliance

What are Web Apps, and how do they help?

Powerful Agendas & Minutes Web App ScreenshotWe built web applications (tools within the Powerful Platform on WordPress) for common tasks. This makes it easy to fill in the blanks for anything from a job opening to a board meeting. Web apps make website tasks easy and consistent. Our web apps include:

  • Job Postings
  • Alerts and Outages
  • Bid Listings
  • Online Forms
  • Agendas and Meeting Minutes
  • Events
  • Headline Banners

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What technical support do you offer?

Powerful stays with you after your website goes live. Monthly maintenance subscribers receive regular security updates, website backups and audits. Web experts are available from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. PST to answer questions, and are on call for emergency after hours support. Support can be scaled up or down, depending on your needs, all for a low monthly fee. No hourly rates, no surprises.

Why should Powerful host my website?

Sharing space on a server helps cut recurring web hosting costs. But this cost-cutting measure leaves you vulnerable. Think of shared hosting like renting an apartment. Renting costs less than buying a house, but you do not get to pick your neighbors… until now. We built a closed, shared-hosting network. The only websites on the network belong to electric utilities.

Our website hosting plan provides speed, reliability and functionality—it's an affordable choice, especially if you are sharing space on a public server.

Any non-profit utility is welcome to join our hosting service for a low monthly fee.

Hosting and Security Standards