One of Pioneer’s founding principles is a commitment to education and training. We help strengthen your communication skills through eBooks, blog posts, and podcasts. But sometimes it helps to dive deeper into a topic. That’s where our trainers help.

“People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing — that’s why we recommend it daily.”
— Zig Ziglar

Types of Training

Customer Service Training Program

When we asked friends about training experiences, we heard after the energy and excitement of a day or two of training subsides, old habits quickly return. Our six-week training program corrects those habits, reinforcing or reminding staff members of the new objectives. Training includes:

  • MSR or CSR Survey before the training
  • On-site 3-hour training session for your staff
  • Daily email refreshers and tips for the week after the session
  • Weekly email refreshers and tips for weeks 2 through 6 after the session
  • Biweekly check-in calls between the trainer and the MSR/CSR Manager for 6 weeks
  • Six-week MSR or CSR Survey
  • Follow-up webinar 6 weeks after initial session
  • Optional secret shopper program after the fiber launch
  • Optional recorded call evaluation
Staff Energy Efficiency Training

Invest one day to boost the overall energy knowledge of your employees and provide them the tools they need to be better in their jobs. Our one-day course is designed to empower everyone – from customer service representatives and front-line staff to program managers and critical support staff – to become trusted energy partners in your community.

We focus on:

  • Defining your role as utility employees in this rapidly changing industry
  • Increasing your knowledge of energy and electricity
  • Increasing your knowledge of residential appliances and other energy-consuming equipment found in the home
  • Understanding how customer behavior affects energy use
  • Identifying and debunking common energy myths
  • Strategies and techniques for handling high bill complaints
  • Understanding customer energy use profiles
  • Applying the knowledge you’ve gained to help customers better understand and manage their energy use.


Conference Speakers

When we’re not helping tell your story and market your services, we love to join Utility Pioneers at regional and national conferences and workshops.

Available sessions:

The Power of Storytelling

Does your content educate, entertain and inform? Learn how to weave intentional storytelling into your content mix, balancing fun features with strategic priorities. Then use our cat content principle and writing tips to repurpose stories across content channels, ensuring each message hits home. 

Launching a Broadband Brand

Launching a broadband program? Learn what works from your peers. Learn what staff questions to expect and how competition impacts your marketing. Then dive into tips for finding and telling your broadband story, with a focus on broadband benefits, education, progress and celebrations.

Ask Gen Z!

Millennials and Gen Z are game-changing generations for industries across the U.S — especially utilities. During this fun and fast-paced game-show-style session, panelists buzz in to compete for the Golden Avocado Trophy. In addition to pre-planned questions in categories like “Hashtag This,” audience members will have a chance to ask real live Gen Zers about bill pay, renewables, communication preferences, staff recruitment, price points, internet speeds and other topics. Moderated by Andy Johns.The conference organizer is asked to provide three $50 gift cards to give away during the session.

More than a Logo: Branding the Customer Journey

Is your customer’s journey to your products and services a smooth ride or full of bumps and roadblocks? Learn about expectations and how to brand the customer journey to deliver engaged and loyal customers.

Building an Effective Digital Advertising Strategy

In a digital-first world, are your messages reaching members? Learn how to build an effective advertising strategy for the digital marketplace. Get tips from Pioneer’s team of cooperative content strategists, covering search engine marketing, targeted social media campaigns, the role of value-driven content (video, eBooks, blogs), and the best digital tools to not only reach members but engage them and keep the conversation going.

How to Tackle Negative Comments with Solid Storytelling

Outages, high bills or a bad mood can trigger negative social media comments. Misery loves company; if left alone, these comments tend to spawn. Learn how storytelling and thoughtful (not defensive!) replies can transform upset commenters into informed consumers. We’ll provide draft comment procedures and tools, showing how being human can deflate sour situations. Dealing with haters? Get fallback measures to thwart trolls without losing community trust.

Embracing Remote Work

The crisis ended, but staff expectations changed during the pandemic. To attract and retain talent, utilities are evaluating remote and hybrid work schedules. Get productivity and community-building tips from our multi-state co-op to help keep a team cohesive while apart.


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