Are you leveraging digital advertising technology to get targeted, relevant messages to your consumers?

If you’re not engaging your audience on multiple social media platforms, websites, and platforms, conversations are being shaped without you. Data and analytics are essential tools to help you decide how to educate and inform your target markets.

Targeting Options

Tired of paying for people who can’t use your services to see your ads? Digital advertising technology makes it easier than ever to reach the people who matter most to your utility. Show your ad to targeted audiences based on:

  • Demographics
  • Online behavior
  • Offline behavior: Where people have been recently with a mobile phone (location, business, store).
  • Location: Address list or people who visit specific spots.
  • Search Terms: Keywords related to your message.
  • Contextual: Ads placed on websites related to a campaign. Target up to 500 keywords.
  • Artificial intelligence: Based on who already interacts from you, what other like-minded people might be interested in your message?
  • Retargeting: When someone visits your website but does not finish an action, ads follow them on other websites.

Every utility is different. Advertising tactics depend on the audience, how you’re trying to target them and utility goals.

Pioneer can help. We understand your mission, and we have been translating that message to print and digital spaces for decades. Our digital campaigns help engage your consumers and tell your story.

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