A high-quality, editorially-driven magazine gives you a powerful tool to educate, inform, and engage your members and customers

The products and services you offer may change. Your corporate office, logo, and even company name may change. But one thing that will never change is the story of your company’s commitment to delivering the technology that impacts the lives of those you serve. The stories of your customers and members tell who you are, why you do what you do and how people use your services. The Regional Telco Magazine is the industry’s preeminent tool for communicating those stories to your customers and prospects.

Sample Magazines

FTC logo

Farmers Telecommunications Cooperative

Rainesville, AL

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West Kentucky & Tennessee Telecommunications

Mayfield, KY

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West Carolina Tel

Abbeville, SC

The Regional Telco Magazine is a bimonthly (six issues annually) 16-page magazine sent to your members and potential customers. Due to the scope of the project, participants see significant savings on printing and production over producing a newsletter on their own. Eight of the pages are shared across all participants within a region, giving everyone access to printing rates no telco could get on their own. Beyond your list of current customers, Pioneer can use saturation and custom addresses to target specific areas in your region to reach desired households and businesses.


A Real Solution

1. Educate

Through the pages of this magazine, your readers experience the stories of other people in their communities who are putting your technology to practical use in their lives.

2. Inform

The magazine gives you a tool to share company news and information with readers – construction updates, new service rollouts, annual meeting notices, financial reports, employee spotlights and more.

3. Engage

Feature someone in the pages of your magazine and you’ll deepen their relationship with your company plus influence their friends and family. Invite readers to sign up, subscribe, enroll and participate in initiatives that will strengthen the connection between them and their telco.

Adjusting to Realities

1. Size

You gain access to an entire support staff – from experienced journalists and photographers to designers and project managers. As part of this project, you are surrounded by a team that helps you ensure the magazine meets your goals.

2. Budget

This is a cooperative effort by telcos across several states, which drives down printing and content costs. Further, many telcos are moving existing budget items – for direct mail, annual reports, notifications, and such – to their magazine budget because the publication can meet these communications goals.

3. Time

Pioneer’s staff comes to you with a ton of content ideas. We develop long-range editorial calendars that help keep your communications strategy on track. You certainly have input, but we do the heavy lifting of developing and implementing ideas for you.

With the Regional Telco Magazine, you will put a focused, professional marketing package into the hands of your members/customers every other month. While educating, informing, and engaging, you will also be supporting customer retention and driving new sales.

What People Are Saying

“Not only have we seen an increase in engagement with our customers, but our customers that have been featured in the magazine have seen results as well. And none of it would be possible if WordSouth was not such an amazing rock star company. We are so thankful that we took the leap. ”

Mcxie Hurst, Peoples Telephone Cooperative

“We have a high standard for the image our company reflects, and we trust WordSouth with any message we want to send. Their quality, professionalism, and creativity are a perfect combination! They tell out story like we would — only better.”

Amy Phelps, NCTC

“It’s important for each of our marketing pieces to build on each other, whether it’s a billboard or a brochure. For years, we’ve relied on WordSouth to not only provide creative ideas, but to also make sure it all fits into a cohesive look and feel.”

Brandi Lyles, FTC

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