TwoFourSeven Response Program

Pioneer’s TwoFourSeven Response Program is designed to benefit community-owned utilities and your consumers by providing all-hours response to outages, emergency situations, and everyday inquiries.

As we always do for our Pioneer Social members and clients, Pioneer monitors your social feeds. Our TwoFourSeven Response Program takes this support a step further, immediately addressing any sensitive posts or comments to your Facebook Business Page and other platforms on request.

We Respond To:

  • Outage reports for electrics and broadband providers
  • Fiber/broadband roll-out questions
  • Member / subscriber / consumer questions
  • Immediate response issues

Response Time & Wording

When you enroll in Pioneer’s TwoFourSeven Response Program, we send a previously agreed upon response as soon as possible to any outage reports, questions, or issues. Responses vary depending on the situation, words used in the post, and your specific requests/requirements.

In the event that a post is deemed of a serious nature, you will be contacted immediately. We believe this will be extremely rare, but we are always prepared.

Our team of social media engagement specialists monitor your social channel. They are trained in appropriate responses in order to keep your members informed as necessary. We will always follow your lead, and we will always step down when utility staff is involved.

Program Oversight

Supervision for this program is guided by Pioneer staff with more than 25 years of experience in the rural utility world, including dealing directly with members. Depending on the seriousness of a post, our social media engagement specialists will alert the next level advisor for instructions.

We are a conduit to the utility and/or broadband provider. We will never, in any form, carry on an extended dialog or conversation with your members or subscribers.