still from videoOne lineman’s personal Facebook post about an electrocuted bobcat snowballed into a full-blown crisis for a Kansas electric cooperative last summer.

Do your employees know how much personal posts can impact a utility’s reputation? It is critical to have a comprehensive social media policy paired with staff training to support the policy, too. Ruralite’s Megan McKoy-Noe walks you through policy and training best practices in a new 18-minute training video.

There are lots of sample policies available as a starting point (NRECA members can find examples at Most policies can be boiled down to 3 main points. Posting the wrong thing online can:

  1. Get you and/or the utility in legal trouble
  2. Damage the utility’s reputation
  3. Cost you your job

Did you know your utility is required to report the deaths of endangered animals found by power lines? Are staff allowed to take and post pictures while on the clock? Is your personal Facebook page open for anyone to see or restricted to friends?

These are some of the questions staff training should address. And if you do not know the answers yourself, there is a sample training session available to review, too. Want to know more?

Grab a Cup of Coffee & Get Ready to Learn!

In less than 20 minutes, Megan shares social media challenges in the workplace, highlights sample policies, and offers tips for training your staff on the best ways to protect your utility’s reputation.