Pro photographers know that to get great portraits in the middle of a sunny day, they must tame harsh, unflattering sunlight. They have lots of fancy gear to overcome that light. You can do it by finding the right location.

Shade is your friend on a bright, sunny day. The easiest way to find shade is to go to the shady side of a building or place your subject in the shade of a tree. Sometimes, you can let the subject be their own shade maker. Simply have them turn their back to the sun.

Shooting parade pictures this weekend? Scout the parade route and look for a spot where a building may shade the faces of participants. Be sure to scout at the same time of day the parade takes place.

When you shoot in the shade, adjust your camera to expose for the light in the shade. If there are bright areas in the background, make sure your camera’s meter is not picking up those and underexposing your subject’s face.