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Utilities do more than connect consumers to energy. We make life better in the communities we serve. But how can we get that message across and successfully engage consumers in the value of public power?

To borrow a phrase from The Beetles, we get by with a little help from our friends.

Ruralite Services teamed up with the Northwest Public Power Association (NWPPA) to create an engaging and flexible set of communication tools with a clear message: More Powerful Together. The password-protected materials, available at the More Powerful Together website, are free for Ruralite Services and NWPPA members.

We are More Powerful Together

The tools feature fresh, modern messages with themes and images that resonate in our part of the country. All materials can be easily customized and delivered across print and digital channels. With bright colors, clear messages, and a strong consumer voice, the content aims to reach 21st-century consumers, especially younger generations.

The #MorePowerfulTogether tools focus on 4 research-based themes:

Today, we unveil a new set of ready-to-use content based on how utilities and consumers partner through innovation to become #MorePowerfulTogether. We use three key innovative messages:

  1. More than energy. Solutions. Use this headline to highlight your community solar project or suggest how to find rebates and/or local installers to add residential solar panels.
  2. More than poles and wires. A launch pad. This headline helps you focus on the economic growth that electricity service makes possible in your community.
  3. More than an app. A key. Helping your members/consumers save time and money is of high value. Use this headline to show your commitment to meaningful customer service through innovation.

How it Works

Materials are available at the More Powerful Together website (the password will be provided to Ruralite’s members in a separate email). Every utility is unique, so for each central theme we provide 3 different key messages and supporting copy. Choose the messages that best meet your needs. Customize from there.

Materials are available in several formats, including:

  • Print ads (4 sizes)
  • Social media messages
  • Website content
  • Pop-up banner art
  • Editorials
  • Radio scripts
  • Annual meeting speech (suitable for a CEO or board president)

Using a local photo in place of what is provided in the template, is important. Images of people in your community will resonate with your member/consumers. That’s why we provide layered PDFs and InDesign files for the artwork.

Every three months Ruralite members gain access to a new set of themed materials. Remember, the messages are timeless. Feel free to continue using local messages side-by-side with the innovative materials. For example, the annual meeting speech—a new item added by member request—pulls from both themes.

More materials roll out every 3 months. Expect the next set in April.

How-to Webinar

NWPPA walks you through how to customize materials in a how-to webinar on January 11 at 2 pm PST. Register or learn more at the NWPPA website.

Need Help?

Need help customizing the content or ordering supplies? Let us know. With a team of designers, photographers and editors, Ruralite can help you further customize and get the most out of this initiative. It is our goal to help you engage your member/consumers as we work together to show how we are #MorePowerfulTogether.

To work with Ruralite to customize the templates for your utility, contact your Ruralite/Currents editor.