Ruralite Helps Coos Curry Celebrate 75 years

Posted on May 9, 2014


Christine Stallard of Coos-Curry Electric was recently at Ruralite for four days, working with Assistant Editor Mike Teegarden to design a 100-page book celebrating Coos-Curry Electric Cooperative Inc.’s 75th anniversary. Christine arrived with a thumb drive full of photos and text that had been edited by several people, including Ruralite Associate Editor Jennifer Brown. The finished book contains plenty of historic photos and the text details the many stages of the co-op through the decades.

Christine collected photos from the co-op archives for several months. Once she had the photos she liked, she hosted a photo party at Coos Curry’s main office to identify people in the photos and gather detailed information about them. She invited former and current staff and board members to assist with the task, turning it into a reunion of sorts.

A unique feature of the book is a section for members to write down their own co-op memories. Members can then submit the stories to Coos Curry, which may consider using the information in future projects.












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