Good stories deserve to be shared, but storytellers need to make a living!

We love it when folks share our stories in their original formats. You can retweet or re-share our social media content from the original account, send around links to our podcasts and blogs or even pass around our member magazines to your friends the old fashioned way.

If you love content from us or Pioneer members so much that you’d like to include it on your own website or blog, that’s great! We ask that you use common internet courtesy and only copy short excerpts with a link back to the original content.

Due to the contracts and usage rights we have with photographers and writers, print is a little bit more tricky.

Print Reprints for Utility Pioneers

For Pioneer members, ask your editor or account manager to reprint content. We’re happy to occasionally share (once we check on photo and content rights) and we appreciate your continued partnership. If you’d like to see what other Utility Pioneers are writing, we email sample features and manager columns each month.

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Print Reprints for Non-Pioneer members

If we’re in the clear on photo rights, we usually ask for a reprint fee of around $150 per page. Since this content is paid for by members of our cooperative, we charge this fee to protect them and their investment in Pioneer. There may be additional fees if we need to buy additional usage rights for photos. Thank you for asking!

Ask to Reprint Content

Custom Content

Need content? We’re always happy to design custom pieces and creative solutions to meet your needs. It’s why our communications co-op was created! We also have an entire customizable content library available in Pioneer Studio with both free content and a large number of themed broadband and electric utility campaigns for a low monthly fee.

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