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More Powerful Together

The message guide outlines the goals, timeline, fonts and colors for the project. The style guide is a quick reference for color specifics, fonts and suggested design parameters for those making design alterations. Here are some of the other questions we received from public power communicators.

Can I change the colors?

The colors were picked to reflect a fresh, modern utility. Do the colors clash with your utility’s color palette? These resources are meant to strengthen your brand locally. There is a lot of value to keeping the colors as they are, but you can change the colors if there is a conflict.

Can I change the text?

Tailoring the message to your community makes a stronger impact. That’s why we used a common font suite, Arial, for all body copy. You can easily edit the text to add your utility name, website and community partners, as suggested in each ad. Headlines cannot be edited; all headlines are outlined (turned into an image) to preserve the look and focus of the materials.

What software do I need to customize the resources?

You can easily add your logo, change the picture and edit body copy from Adobe Acrobat Pro. Mark Woodward/NWPPA walks through the process in NWPPA’s how-to webinar. Want to dive deeper? We also provide the InDesign files for the advertising and social media graphics. Want help customizing? Ask us!


What if I could use help customizing?

Ruralite Services offers full graphic design, photography and copy writing services to any public utility that could benefit. Supportive assistance, from a little to a lot, is available. Contact us to learn what’s involved.

What’s better: using your pictures or a local person? Any tips?

Local, local, local. You’re welcome to use the pictures we provide, but a face neighbors recognize gets bonus points every time. Just keep in mind the message of each testimonial, and find someone who matches each message.

Since the copy is a testimonial, he or she should be the focus of the picture—too many other faces will weaken the message. Take the picture in the person’s environment; their workplace or neighborhood. Every part of the picture tells a story. And make sure your images reflect your diverse membership.

Example ideas:

  • MORE than energy. Solutions. Find a member of your community solar project, or, a utility customer that worked with you for their rooftop solution. You could also feature a utility supporter on a clearly sunny day – but reference the specifics in your ad.
  • MORE than poles and wires. A launch pad. Look for a new business addition to your community to feature. Or clear beneficiaries of an economically healthy community like the mom and kids featured in the original photo.
  • MORE than an app. A key. This should be a utility supporter who can be pictured engaging with some form of technology: a desktop computer, a tablet, or a mobile phone.
  • LOCAL: More than a utility. A lifeline. Find someone who benefited from (or runs) a local grant program. Be sure to mention that specific program in the ad. You could also pick a general utility supporter to showcase.
  • LOCAL: More than a customer. A partner. Look for a well-known business leader in your community. Consider a recent chair of your chamber of commerce or another prominent leader.
  • LOCAL: More than a number. A promise. This should be a high school student or first year college student who won a scholarship from your utility. If you do not give scholarships, change the text to reflect an energy education grant you support. In that case, get a picture of a teacher.

I like the pictures you use in the materials. Can I use them for anything else?

Short answer? No. Sorry. Long answer: We bought the rights to use these images solely for this project. The images can not be used outside of the templates we provide.

Can I use this message as my annual meeting theme?

Yes, please! Because of this question we added several tools last year, including a draft annual meeting CEO or board president speech, presentation template and more.

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