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We love strengthening utility storytelling through Pioneer’s podcasts.

In celebration of International Podcast Day, we’re highlighting how “StoryConnect The Podcast” inspires a national community of Utility Pioneers, with tips for creating a podcast to reach your members, too.

StoryConnect: The Podcast logoThe podcast began in 2016 with a clear goal: to create an intimate, easily accessible way for communicators to share stories and successes. Each episode starts with a focused challenge many utility staff share. The clear focus — how utility peers can strengthen storytelling to connect with consumers — created a community of frequent listeners.

“An engaging podcast episode is both relevant and fresh,” Pioneer Associate Podcast Producer Sarah Wooten explains. “Your audience needs to easily recognize how the topic connects to the show’s theme.”

The podcast platform gives utility communicators access to an ever-expanding pool of ideas. In addition to remote and in-person interviews, the podcast features episodes recorded live from conferences and conventions nationwide.

“Content needs to be fresh,” Sarah adds. “Sometimes, podcasters are guilty of always using the same guest because it is easy to book with that person. Or, maybe there’s a topic everyone is talking about, so you have a guest who has already spoken on several other podcasts about the same topic. Don’t do that. Be creative, so you can be engaging.”

After 226+ episodes, the content formula stays focused on utility storytellers and leaders from across the telco and electric utility industries. New episodes are published on Spotify, Google Podcasts and Apple Podcasts each month.

What challenges are you facing as a communicator at your electric or broadband utility or association? Chances are, someone else has been there — and we’ve likely asked them about it on ‘StoryConnect The Podcast.’

Most Listened to Storytellers (so far) in 2022:


  1. How to Connect with Seniors Online(Episode 210). Communication Specialist Cathy Black and her team at Sequachee Valley Electric Cooperative moved their annual senior expo online when COVID hit, and it wasn’t safe to host an in-person event.
  2. Leveraging Your Cooperative Identity(Episode 209). Sylandi Brown, former marketing and communication specialist with Middle Georgia EMC and now communications manager at U.S. Overseas Cooperative Development Council, discusses leveraging cooperative identity to reach a new generation of working talent.
  3. Breaking Down Language Barriers(Episode 208). Rolando Benitez helps lead Carroll EMCs outreach to Spanish-speaking members by providing them with materials in their native language and seeking out community leaders. Learn how you can make sure you’re not missing out on an important part of your audience who may not speak English!
  4. How Communicators Can Help Refine Processes(Episode 206). Jeff Marshall, communication specialist with Clearwater Power, shares how utility communicators can help solve problems and refine processes across their organization.
  5. How to Drop TV Service Gracefully” (Episode 211). Customers were New Hope Telephone’s No. 1 concern when the telco decided to drop TV service. Marketing Manager Christy Barecky discusses how the cooperative helped its customers make the transition to finding a new service that was right for them.

story connect logoWant to tune in? Search “StoryConnect The Podcast” episodes by topic at, and subscribe to the podcast on Spotify, Google Podcasts and Apple Podcasts.


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