Since joining the team at Pioneer, I’ve become well acquainted with the struggle public utilities face when it comes to developing a social media strategy that embodies authenticity, demonstrates transparency, and creates real connections with members.

We all know how important it is to connect with our followers, but communicating effectively on social media requires posting fresh, authentic content consistently and staying engaged as people respond to that content. That’s in addition to the need to track social trends and stay on top of the constantly changing social media landscape.

That’s why our staff at Pioneer Utility Resources spent the better part of 2019 rebuilding our social media support program to better serve your needs.

Pioneer Social logoWe are proud to announce the launch of Pioneer Social—a robust social media management software platform built specifically for public power utilities.

It is packed with industry-relevant content that’s ready to share to all your social channels within seconds.

Pioneer Social Features

  • Massive content library that puts hundreds of ready-made, industry-relevant posts at your fingertips
  • Compose, schedule, and publish content across several social channels simultaneously.
  • View drafted and scheduled content across all social channels with a publishing calendar.
  • Track and respond to comments in a central inbox.
  • Monitor online mentions and attitude toward your utility.
  • Build custom reports highlighting your social media engagement.

Want a tour of the new platform? This overview video walks you through Pioneer Social’s features.

Start with Trusted Content

Pioneer Social lets you start each month with a selection of fresh content, which you can publish immediately or quickly edit according to your needs. On top of our new monthly content, Pioneer Social’s content libraries provide access to hundreds of graphics, videos, and animated gifs for energy efficiency and electrical safety tips, and holidays and industry observances, such as Lineworker Appreciation Day, Electrical Safety Month, and many more.

Need additional curated content? Our platform makes finding and sharing other industry-relevant content a breeze.

Do you use Canva? Get direct access to your Canva library through our social dashboard.

Monitor & Measure

With Pioneer Social, we’ve also added important monitoring and reporting tools. You can easily track hashtags, keywords, and other companies’ activities. You can also get notified anytime someone mentions you online so you can quickly respond.

Ready to measure the impact of your social media activity? Our engagement report shows the best time of day and type of content to share, lists the most engaged users, and tracks audience growth over time. Our monitoring report helps you track keywords and consumer feelings online. You can also build customized reports and easily share the information with your team.

Become a #UtilityPioneer

Our mission at Pioneer is to help you build a social presence that’s genuine, approachable, and engaging for your unique audience. That means building brand awareness and credibility for your utility while connecting with fans. We believe Pioneer Social is the best way to accomplish those goals.

Ready to get started with this powerful tool? Click here to start your free 30-day trial and unlock the power of Pioneer Social. Our video tutorials offer an overview of the tool, help you connect your social media profiles, then walk you through how to get the most out of our content libraries and priority inbox.

We offer group pricing for generation and transmission co-ops and statewide associations who want to provide this service to utility members. For more information, email us or visit our website.

Pioneer Social