woman jumping out of plane with parachuteEver feel as if you’re pushing your feature story out of a fast-moving plane, hoping it lands safely onto your local pages?

It’s tough to let go of a story you’ve worked on for several days (or more). You’re attached to each word. Pesky vague pronouns, shifting verb tenses and too many commas often slip under the radar.

Use a checklist of editing tips before you let a story fly. Common grammar mistakes include:

  • Adjective Drift
    Wrong: The property has seasonal creeks and trail access.
    Right: The property has trail access and seasonal creeks.
  • Vague Pronoun Reference
    Wrong: Emily annoyed Nancy, but that didn’t stop her from asking for help studying.
    Right: Emily annoyed Nancy, but that didn’t stop Nancy from asking for help studying.

Grammar Girl, a web expert on grammar, offers a complete editing checklist. Download the Grammar Girl’s Editing Checklist (PDF).

Your Personal Parachute

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