Joining a communications co-op is a powerful way to strengthen your relationship with consumer-members. As an ARC Media client, you are now eligible to join Pioneer Utility Resources.

“There are lots of plusses, and really no minuses associated with membership in our cooperative,” says Pioneer CEO Michael Shepard. “Membership unlocks a host of benefits and offers the opportunity to have a voice in the governance of the co-op via the board and member voting activity.”

When Pioneer acquired ARC Media, everyone was introduced to a broader range of content, print and website support. But ARC Media clients did not automatically become Pioneer members. To earn patronage and access other member perks, a member/consumer-owned utility or utility association must apply for co-op membership and pay a one-time $10 fee.

“Everyone who receives regular support through Pioneer Social can join Pioneer, even if the underlying contract and invoicing is with ARC Media,” says Pioneer Utility Resources Vice President of Business Development and Strategy Andy Neidert. “We hope everyone takes this step to access co-op benefits.”

Member Perks

One of the biggest perks of membership is the chance to get money back. Pioneer Utility Resources has returned more than $2.5 million dollars to members via patronage.

“It helps our members’ bottom line to not only keep costs affordable, but also to receive patronage as an added bonus,” says Shepard.

Just as many public power consumers get patronage or capital credits based on how much power was used, this refund depends on the volume of communication services used. In 2021 PUR will distribute $295,536 in patronage, based on how much each member spent in 2020.

Historically, members get back about 5% of what they spent with Pioneer in a given year. In 2021, members will get checks equal to 8.3% of eligible spending.

In addition to receiving patronage, Pioneer members also:

Join Pioneer

As a member-led communications cooperative, Pioneer Utility Resources has powered efficient communications since 1956. Pioneer partners with more than 240 utilities in 34 states, providing everything from advertising campaigns, communication training, websites and targeted social media support to a variety of content-driven print and digital publications.

To join, a utility must subscribe to at least one Pioneer or ARC Media service, such as PioneerSocial and be a public power utility (electric co-op, public utility district, municipal utility and the like). Statewide and regional associations with primarily public power members may join, too.

Members accept our cooperative articles of incorporationbylaws, policies and amendments but are not liable for the company’s business decisions.