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Everyone likes to know they are appreciated. National Customer Service Appreciation Week, observed Oct. 3-7, 2022, provides an opportunity to celebrate front-line employees who often serve as the face of the utility to consumers
No matter what you call these key staff members (member service, consumer service or something else entirely), they are the masters of making consumers happy. To help your utility celebrate these employees, Pioneer added a free Customer Service Appreciation campaign to Pioneer Studio, our cloud-based customizable marketing content platform. 

Campaign templates include:

  • Social media templates 
  • Appreciation certificate
  • Notecard 
  • Wrapper 

Ways to Celebrate Staff

Add pictures of key staff members to our social media templates and celebrate your team on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Honor customer service representatives with a certificate of appreciation and a hand-written thank-you note. We’ve even provided a candy bar wrapper you can use to brand and deliver sweet treats.
In addition to this material, you might consider some of the following ways to celebrate
  • Provide a lunch, breakfast or even a snack for them one day during the week.
  • Record a short video message (use your cellphone, no need to get fancy) from your CEO/GM talking about the good work they do and post it on social media for others to see as well.
  • Give them some company swag they might not have.
  • If your team is still remote, host a Zoom meeting/virtual happy hour.

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