NWPPA and Ruralite Debut New Tools, Messages in September

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You love public power. We love public power. But does the public care?

Most consumers do not understand why a public power utility is different from other energy sources. As long as the lights come on and bills are not too steep, they are more likely talking about tailgating for Saturday’s Oregon Ducks game or debating HBO’s Game of Thrones finale.

Can we change that?

The Northwest Public Power Association Board of Trustees wanted tools to help utilities communicate why public power matters. The board called for a fresh, modern message easily delivered across print and digital channels. They wanted something to break through the wall (with permission from Jon Snow, of course) and reach 21st-century consumers.

NWPPA and Ruralite Services joined forces to create MORE Powerful Together, a consumer-focused effort illustrating how consumers get more than just energy from community-owned utilities.

The first batch of materials debuts Tuesday, September 19, at the Northwest Communications and Energy Innovations Conference in Sacramento, California. Want a sneak preview? Well of course you do.

Focus Group Finds

The MORE Powerful Together materials are based on research with regional utility leaders and consumer focus groups. We want to:

  • Leverage direct benefits to the consumer and align with consumers’ expectations of involvement. Focus on consumer-inspired experience.
  • Show the real value public power provides and the benefits of engaging.
  • Be focused, succinct, and inspiring.
  • Make consumers feel like part of an ongoing conversation.

Public power matters. By buying energy from a community-owned utility, consumers become more than customers or numbers. They are partners. We are MORE Powerful Together.

Key Messages

Over the next year we will roll out 4 sets of engagement tools focused on these key messages:

  • Local
  • Innovative
  • Expert
  • Driven

Easy-to-customize templates will help Ruralite and NWPPA members launch a powerful, locally branded call for engagement. Every utility is unique, so we will provide different sets of copy to support the key messages. Pick the message that best fits you.

What kind of content can you expect? We’re creating:

  • Print ads
  • Social media posts
  • Leadership editorials
  • Website content
  • Pop-up banner art for utility lobbies, community events
  • Posters
  • Best practice webinars

Excited? We Are, Too

Don’t miss the general session about this powerful initiative on Tuesday, September 19, at the Northwest Communications and Energy Innovations Conference.

MORE Powerful Together is more than a campaign. It’s a mission. Together we will launch a powerful movement to educate and engage consumers about why public power matters. See you in Sacramento!