Ah, planning season. Budgeting and strategy meetings are underway as we prepare for 2020. Odds are you’ve been given a list of programs and messages you need to get out to consumers next year. Thankfully you don’t need to start from scratch. We can help.

More Powerful Together, the consumer communication toolkit from Pioneer Utility Resources and NWPPA, turns 2 years old in September. But the resources—free for members of both groups—are timeless, and growing.


This year we are adding 4 headlines:

  • More than a company. A team. (Available now)
  • More than rebates. Results. September
  • More than reliable. Flexible. December
  • More than people. Potential. March 2020

That brings the total of powerful, consumer-focused headlines for you to pick from in 2020 to a whopping 16! Find the messages that fit the programs you want to promote in 2020, then incorporate them into your communication plan.

Each headline comes with a supporting editorial, several print/digital ad sizes, and social media support. Need a theme for your next annual meeting? Consider it done.

woman at store, more powerful together

Powerful Support for Programs

Many communication plans include key message goals from utility leadership. Consider using these messages to support your programs next year:

  • More than energy. Solutions. Do you have community solar, electric vehicle charging, or other renewable energy efforts you want to highlight? Try this headline.
  • More than a utility. A lifeline. Spotlight non-profit community partnerships, showing the impact programs make for neighbors.
  • More than one voice. Many. This popular message explains a consumer’s role in the success of tree-trimming programs.
  • More than poles and wires. A launch pad. This copy helps you talk about what new substations and updated poles mean for the local economy.

This summer we released a set of tools celebrating our local roots.  We showed that public power utilities are more than companies. By engaging consumers, we become a team.

Now I’m writing a fresh editorial and advertising text for our next core message focus, innovation. I teamed up with our friends at Efficiency Services Group to dive into how public power rebates and energy audits drive results. This batch of tools will be available right before NWPPA’s Northwest Communications and Energy Innovations Conference. Hope to see you there!

Plan to be Powerful

Let’s take stock. You’ve got 8 (soon to be 9) leadership editorials and more than a dozen print ads. Add in a speech, presentation template, banners, radio scripts, suggested website content, and tons of social media posts, graphics, and videos, and you’ve got all the ingredients for your 2020 communication efforts.

Your time is precious. If you are looking for a message that hits everything your leadership wants while engaging consumers, More Powerful Together is a home run.

Start saving time and engage consumers. Members can download these free resources here.