Moving Day!

Our editorial and efficiency teams are working around boxes and computer equipment today as we move to a new office next door. It’s a larger space, great for cross-departmental collaborations and future growth.

Our office will be closed this afternoon, but we’ll be back up and running Monday morning. We can’t wait for you to visit!

New Address: 5625 NE Elam Young Parkway, Suite 100, Hillsboro, OR 97124

Packing and organizing a move—even a short hop to a nearby building—adds extra pressure to normal tasks. Thankfully our content calendar keeps Pioneer running smoothly.

If you’ve ever had to deal with a crisis, wished for better continuity across your communication channels, or dreamed of going on vacation(!), try a content calendar.

What’s a Content Calendar?

A content calendar—also called an editorial calendar—brings all of your communication planning into one place (website, social media, magazine, newsletter, on-hold message, bill insert, etc.).

Consumers hear from you in several different ways. To create a consistent and therefore stronger message, use a content calendar to unify and strengthen your messages.

There are several ways to plan cross-channel content, including:

  • Paper: Write everything down on paper or in a Word document to track ideas.
  • Spreadsheet: Set up a spreadsheet with rows for each channel and columns tracking time. Then target messages across channels throughout the year.
  • Pioneer Social: We generate an up-to-date social media content calendar for Pioneer Social subscribers. Use our planning resources to support your overarching content calendar.

As a communications co-op, we create tools to help you succeed. After receiving great feedback from our Plan to Engage blog post, we’re writing an eBook on engaging communication planning. To get you started, we looked at how several utilities use content planning, then created Pioneer’s 2020 Content Planner.

content calendar

How to Use this Tool

    • Mark off a day on your calendar for planning.
      Move away from your desk, picking a spot where you can think without interruptions.
    • What are your communication goals for the year?
      Think about one or two main messages you or your utility leadership want to convey. Everything you do should support these goals.
    • Create a list of up to a dozen topics you need to share in 2020.
      They could be big events, programs you need to ramp up, critical efficiency messages, or even mandated messages that slipped through the cracks in years past.
    • Using the 2020 Content Planner, add these topics across your channels.
      The first spreadsheet tab helps you see the big picture of your communication efforts. The second tab, Local Pages and Bill Inserts, helps you break down these big-picture topics into bite-size story ideas each month. The rest of the spreadsheet shows social opportunities in the month of February 2020, giving you a way to anticipate social media content week-by-week. Like this approach? You’ll love Pioneer Social.
    • After you set your goals for 2020, refer to your plan each month.
      Things change, and your plan should be fluid and able to easily respond to different priorities from your leadership. But you’ll never start the month with a blank page again.

Ready, Set, Plan!

Templates are a great start for cross-channel planning, but keeping them current can be a challenge. Worried you won’t have time to see what’s coming next month? Let us help. Pioneer Social gives you a leg up, scouting social opportunities and offering a treasure trove of content to meet your communication goals in 2020 and beyond.

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