Say hello to Alyssa McDougle, our new editorial assistant. Since joining our team in March, Alyssa has formed solid connections with both our editorial team and magazine readers.

“I love connecting with our readers and being part of a collaborative team that creates great magazines each month,” says Alyssa. “I especially love helping with Reader Exchange. It warms my heart to see how our readers connect with one another.”

Editorial Assistant Alyssa McDougle

Before joining Pioneer Utility Resources, Alyssa graduated from the University of California, Santa Cruz with a degree in English Literature. She contributes to several independent magazines, including Eyecandy and Marchbox Magazine, and spent 2 years working for Publishers Group West, an independent book distributor.

Alyssa is looking forward to bringing her experience with writing, marketing, and database management to our organization. She works closely with Linda Wiseman and sends feature examples and editorial inspiration to utility communicators and management each month.

In addition to assisting with publication administration, Alyssa has written 2 wonderful pieces for our shared magazine pages:

Personal Note

An avid traveler, Alyssa’s decision to move to Oregon was based on a two-month, cross-country road trip from California to Nova Scotia. The beauty of the Pacific Northwest was enough to seal the deal.

“I love having so many options for adventure and nature spots,” says Alyssa. “The nature and forests here are so beautiful.”

She is looking forward to combining her passions in the future at Pioneer Utility Resources.

“Traveling is one of my biggest passions and to write about it would be a wonderful way to align two things I love,” Alyssa says.

Please join us in giving Alyssa a warm Pioneer welcome!