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Trudy Tracy and Mandi Hitt, Pioneer Utility Resource’s 2019 Communications Team of the Year

Congratulations to Raft River Rural Electric Cooperative Communications Manager Mandi Hitt and Receptionist Trudy Tracy on winning the award for 2019 Pioneer Utility Resources Communications Team of the Year.

For the first time in 25 years, the honor of Communicator of the Year is being awarded to a duo for their exceptional teamwork and outstanding approach to Ruralite magazine.

In selecting Mandi and Trudy for the award, Ruralite editors cited professionalism, dedication to keeping their community informed, and effective use of magazine pages.

“They do a great job using all communication methods at their disposal,” said Ruralite Assistant Editor Brandon Pomrenke, who coordinates production of the magazine for Raft River Rural Electric Cooperative. “Always quick to offer story recommendations and edits, they promptly address local concerns and ensure their members are kept up to date.”

Examples of Mandi & Trudy’s Work

  • The pair collaborate with freelancer Diana Troyer to keep Raft River Electric’s local pages filled with engaging feature stories. From a story of survival after a teen was trampled at a rodeo or how a rancher uses a drone’s-eye view to care for cattle, local faces and places are featured every month in the magazine.
  • Mandi and Trudy take advantage of Ruralite magazine’s free customizable cover option. Adding a black and white feature story photo to the cover helps draw local readers into the magazine.
  • As a Pioneer Social subscriber, Raft River strengthened their social media presence.
  • The pair worked with Raft River management to lead a series of community meetings in 2019 to introduce electronic balloting, capital credit changes, and other efforts to update the co-op’s operating procedures. Details about the updates were shared inside Ruralite magazine.

The commitment to educating and connecting with Raft River Rural Electric Cooperative members earned the pair the award.

“Mandi and Trudy take their roles of keeping the membership up-to-date seriously and understand the importance of an educated community,” said Brandon.

“I was overwhelmed at the wonderful surprise of the award and am grateful to be recognized and part of the process,” said Trudy. “The crew at the Ruralite always make me feel like family and are always thinking of wonderful ways to help us here and make the stories and magazine something our patrons just love.”

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