I miss my public power family. This year, 2 of my favorite communication conferences happen online instead of “in the real” (what my preschooler wistfully calls in-person events). This week I’ll join many of you as I tune in to National Rural Electric Cooperative Association’s (NRECA’s) 2020 CONNECT Online. In September, I can’t wait to join a great slate of public power innovators speaking at Northwest Public Power Association’s (NWPPA’s) Communications and Energy Innovations Conference.

There will be no hallway hugs or post-meeting karaoke. But I’m still looking forward to many shared learning moments and a video chat social hour (email me to join)!

Pioneer Utility Resources teamed up with our friends at ARC Media and WordSouth to sponsor 2 CONNECT Online sessions:

How to Be Human in a Digital World

Digital engagement—whether it’s day-to-day conversations or moving meetings online—graduated from a best practice to a must in 2020. To strengthen your digital engagement chops, download Pioneer’s new eBook, How to Be Human in a Digital World.

Posting on social feeds is not enough to be seen. Instead, it’s important to focus your content’s timing, tone, and topics to engage consumer-members. Pioneer partnered with the social media mavens at ARC Media to share six ways to connect with consumer-members online:

  1. Have Good Timing
  2. Get Personal
  3. Be Helpful
  4. Add Humor
  5. Ask Questions
  6. Avoid Crickets

Download the eBook and dive into each of these human characteristics to strengthen your social media content. Looking ahead to 2021? We updated our popular content planner for 2021.

Video Chat with your Peers!

At a typical conference, at the end of the day we gather for dinner or drinks to share ideas sparked by a full day of learning. Those casual moments are packed with insights, and I don’t want to miss them this year!

Want to join some of your peers in a casual setting this Friday? We’re hosting a video social hour from 4 to 5 pm Pacific/7 to 8 pm EST. Email me for an invite!