Last week mail delivery made headlines again. As Winnie the Pooh might say, “Oh, bother.”

Starting this month, some mail will now take a few days longer to arrive as the postal service adopts less robust standards. While this is good for the general public to know when mailing holiday and birthday cards, utility communicators should take note, too.

Your publishing team at Pioneer, helpers on any blustery day, are ready to help you navigate the ongoing postal changes and manage rising mail costs.

I hope you’ve taken advantage of our mailing tips and tricks, How to Keep Address Lists Clean. We’re here to help you understand shifting delivery times, too.

“One of the big issues is annual meeting notices,” says Electric Magazines Editor Mike Teegarden. “Annual meeting notices are tracked by when we drop them in the mail, not when they are delivered, so this won’t affect our ability to hit mailing deadlines. But it could shorten consumers’ notification window.”

Some utilities provide a few weeks (or less) of notice before a business meeting. Often the timing is set by utility bylaws. Please work with your editor or account manager to make sure your consumers get time-sensitive stories on schedule.

The change will not impact every piece of mail. According to the Alliance of Nonprofit Mailers, the change adds two days to the delivery of some 7% of periodicals. Pioneer’s editorial team members are reaching out individually to our utility magazine partners to explain how U.S. Postal Service changes may impact delivery dates. TTFN!

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