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Feature Examples

This month, several utilities profiled remarkable members of their community. For Douglas Electric, Craig Reed shares the story of an 18-year-old volunteer firefighter who ran for mayor (PDF) in Yoncalla, Oregon and won. John Glionna profiles a ‘Bronx Cowboy’ who has run a wild west inn on the fringe of society (PDF) in Gold Point, Nevada for 50 years. In Nevada, Dianna Troyer shares the story of a rancher mom who takes her popular clothing boutique on the road (PDF).

Share Package

Energy-efficiency and safety tips are always appreciated by readers. Pat Keegan and Brad Thiessen share ways for renters to save on their energy bill (PDF). In the Power Lines column, Derrill Holly explains how properly using smart products can save money and energy (PDF). In Florida, Escambia River reveals how to maximize water conservation to save money on your utility bill (PDF). In Oregon, Umatilla Electric and Oregon Trail Electric urged farmworkers to stay safe during harvest season (PDF).

Back Pages

Easily keep your members informed about industry news on the back page. Several utilities, including Columbia Power Cooperative and Harney Electric Cooperative in Oregon, used the back page to demonstrate the economic benefits of hydropower (PDF). Brad Gamett, Manager of Lost River Electric Cooperative in Idaho, discussed the trend of carbon-free power generation outpacing coal and nuclear sources (PDF). In Arizona, Graham County Electric Cooperative CEO Kirk Gray outlines how cooperative utilities are voicing concerns against regulatory actions on behalf of consumers (PDF).

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