October isn’t just about Halloween, it’s also National Cooperative Month. Let’s see how cooperatives are celebrating in the October Ruralite, Florida Currents, and Currents magazines.

Feature Examples

Spooky stories don’t need to scare readers, like the Valley Electric (NV) feature highlighting a historically haunted hotel. This chilling article entices readers with a fun take on a local legend. Encourage your readers to explore eerie experiences in their own community.

Wasco Electric Cooperative (OR) snatched our attention with a dramatic photo of a plane dropping fire retardant during a historic wildfire season. The article details the effect the fires had on the co-op, local community and agriculture, but more importantly, how it brought several co-ops together to help with the aftermath. This shows that when trouble comes, we are More Powerful Together with cooperation among cooperatives.

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Share Packages

This month, the CEO of Ruralite Services, Inc., Michael Shepard, wrote for Voice Box, detailing the results of our very own readership survey and what the future holds for our magazines. Continuing the theme of National Cooperative Month, Power Lines educates readers on what it means to be part of a cooperative and how far electric cooperatives have come. Refresh your readers on the Seven Co-Op Principles that make cooperatives unique.

Spanning 2 pages, Surprise Valley (CA) caught our interest with an article about their annual meeting laid out over a dazzling photo of bucket trucks in the sky. Another page shared photos of their members enjoying the festivities, prize winners, and staff celebrating 80 years of serving their members. Plumas-Sierra Rural Electric Cooperative (CA) also shared a stunning set of still images submitted for their Cover Photo Contest. Strong visual impact through photographs makes articles instantly stand out to readers.

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Back Pages

National Co-op Month was also heavily discussed on the back pages this month, with cooperatives like Ohop Mutual Light Co. (WA) and Big Bend Electric Cooperative (OR) sharing what makes the cooperative business model special to their communities.

Many managers discussed another important program for fall — Co-ops Vote. Cooperatives all over the nation, from Gulf Coast Electric Cooperative in Florida to Alaska Columbia Basin Electric Cooperative, are participating in a campaign to “encourage all cooperative members to participate in national, state and local elections” and educate about the “important role played by electric cooperatives in their communities.”

Several cooperatives took it even farther, educating their members about a specific ballot measure that is sure to affect their communities. Harney Electric Cooperative (NV) presents an argument against the ‘Energy Choice Initiative’ in Nevada, while Valley Electric (NV) presented their arguments for support. Whatever choice their members make, the message remains clear: voting is integral to cooperative principles.

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