Throughout the year we share our favorite features, editorials, and handy story ideas from Ruralite, Florida Currents, and Currents magazines. Use these best practices to spark ideas, discover new sources, or reprint content on your own pages (ask first!).

Important note: If you are interested in reprinting any of the features in the share package, you should contact the communicator at the utility that published the feature for permission. We include a list of the utilities’ phone numbers and contact people who have examples in the share package.

Want to reprint a Ruralite feature? Email Ruralite or your local editor.

Feature Examples

Feature unusual connections on your pages. Not sure where to start?
Read these collections of features by your peers for inspiration.

Share Packages

Power theft, internships, water heaters, and DIY projects: We tell many of the same stories. The share package is a great way not only to get ideas, but to work with your peers and repurpose content.

Back Page Examples

Editorials, annual meeting notices, and ads: how do you use your back page?
Get examples from your peers’ work over the last year.