Worried your mail might get overlooked or delayed in the holiday shuffle, especially with recent mail delivery changes?

The United States Postal Service offers many ways to help businesses lower costs while creating engaging advertising campaigns and reports. One service gaining popularity is Informed Delivery®, which allows businesses to get messages out in a multichannel way.


Promote Content in Previews 

Informed Delivery® allows people and businesses to preview their letter- and card-sized mail pieces (in grayscale, not color) before they arrive in mailboxes. It’s a helpful option, especially in neighborhoods with mail theft concerns.

This is an example of an Informed Delivery® Ride-Along Image.

According to Postal Facts, 39 million users have enrolled since the service launched in 2017. Users reported 93% satisfaction with the service according to surveys in the 2021 Informed Delivery® Report (PDF); 94% would recommend the service to peers.

Businesses can use this popular mail preview service as an engagement tool by adding an interactive campaign. This option displays a clickable, color image under the grayscale scan of mail from your utility, called a Ride-Along Image. Direct your audience to a unique URL, or link to your website for general promotions. 

Want to take your campaign a step further? Swap out the grayscale, scanned image of your mail with a full-color ad (called a Representative Image). You’re not limited to showing a color version of what you mailed to your consumers; the image can feature a special offer. Get visual examples in the USPS guide for Informed Delivery® (PDF).

This combination of physical mail and digital content allows another engagement opportunity for your target audience. Mail owners, mail service providers, and advertising agencies can all participate in Informed Delivery campaigns. Get image requirements and answers to common questions at USPS.com.

This is an example of an Informed Delivery® Representative Image.

Scout for Savings

The USPS offers deals throughout the year for integrated mail pieces, and participating may earn you postage discounts or other credits. Each campaign typically lasts a few months. They may focus on USPS-specific programs, such as Informed Delivery, or specific printing techniques and technologies, like color printing and QR codes. Check the Business tab on the USPS website to find information about upcoming promotions and how they can benefit you.


Get Started

If you don’t already have a Business Customer Gateway account, head to https://gateway.usps.com/ to sign up. It’s the first step to participate in the incentive programs offered by the USPS, as well as access many other tools and services offered to business customers. Want help? Ask your editor or reach our member solutions team at hello@PUR.coop.