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We took a fresh approach to print and digital storytelling in 2019, spotlighting innovative and unique healthcare programs and initiatives being carried out in diverse rural communities throughout the Northwest and West. The healthcare theme offers a big umbrella to tell intimate, on-the-ground stories each month about how communities are being reached for the better.

What is Our Aim?

To reflect well on our utility partners, serve the greater good, and reinforce the positive bond between utilities and members (a bond seen in our stellar readership survey results).

This is new ground for the magazine—you could say, it is beyond what we have already mastered. We weren’t sure how our utility partners would react. The answer: Overwhelming enthusiasm for the yearlong project.

One thing you will notice is that the series focuses on people, solutions, and compelling stories, not simply facts and figures. Shining a light on what’s working, and the heroes behind the work, is intended to create a positive ripple. For millennials, this kind of storytelling—which offers inspiration to take action—is particularly appealing.

What is Different About this Approach?

For starters, we devoted an entire year to a topic and putting a special premium on compelling writing, tapping some of the best writers around. Video and digital elements are part of the mix as our editors go out in the field to enhance the storytelling.

The effort at public service journalism in our magazine received outside support from the Murdock Charitable Trust, which funds projects and programs that enrich life in communities across Alaska and the Northwest. Foundation-funded journalism is new for Pioneer, but not for many mission-minded media organizations across the country.

Pioneer editors produced each month’s installment and guide all coverage and presentation.

We’re looking forward to growing our impact together. Your thoughts on this next chapter in our publishing journey are most welcomed.

The Changing Face of Rural Health Care Coverage