We enjoy helping utilities create and manage digital engagement campaigns, but not everyone has the budget to drive website traffic. As your communications co-op, we want to make sure you know about free ways to build a solid search foundation for your utility, too.

Create a Clean Website

Want to make sure consumers find your utility when they search on Google? Start with search engine optimization (SEO). Invest time to make your website easy to use and full of value to drive organic traffic.

SEO Tactics:

  • Improve website structure, code and design (i.e., responsive design, URL structure, security certificates and load time). Powerful, our website design team, excels at this process.
  • Create high-quality, long-form content that generates bookmarks and quality backlinks from other high-performing domains. (Pioneer’s inspiration section is a great example.)
  • Use top-performing keywords in website copy.
  • Add meta tags and descriptions.
  • Watch for and correct redirect chains, broken links, duplicate content or oversaturated keywords.


Get the Scoop on Search

When your current (and potential) consumers search for energy-efficiency rebates or broadband service, does your utility top the results? Google uses more than 200 factors to decide where you rank in search, each falling in one of these categories:

  1. Distance: Make sure you list all office locations!
  2. Prominence: How well known is your utility?
  3. Relevance: Does your listing match the search terms?

Want more control over the information Google compiles about your utility? Claim your Google Business Profile account. Results from this free tool count toward 25% of local search ranking factors.


What Is Google Business Profile?

Google combs the web to compile information about your utility. It helps the search engine know when to show results from your website. Want to see the highlights from this set of facts about your utility? These facts are called a Knowledge Graph.

To see your Knowledge Graph, search your utility name on Google and look on the right side of the results. Google uses pictures from Google Maps and images tagged by consumers. You can edit which images are shown, adjust your operating hours and more. But first, you need to claim your account. (Look for the option in your Knowledge Graph.)

After you ask to claim your account, expect to wait a few days for a postcard to reach you; it’s how Google verifies your location. Then get ready to dig in and add details to help consumers find you!


How to Learn More

We held a webinar on Jan. 19 and shared how to help Google Business Profile drive consumers to your website. The webinar was not recorded, but we’re planning to hold a repeat session later in 2022. In the meantime, if you have questions or would like to talk to us about ways to strengthen your Google Business Profile, let us know.

We’re looking forward to helping Utility Pioneers strengthen consumer search results.

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