None of us could have predicted how our stories changed last year.

Change is stressful, but it also brings opportunity. What went right? How can you use your experience to build a stronger stories and connections with consumer-members?

Storytelling, and the platforms we use to share stories with staff and consumers, has never been more important. That’s why in 2021, your friends at Pioneer, ARC media, and WordSouth are focusing on the power of storytelling.

Join us Thursday, January 21, at 4 pm to brainstorm story ideas and connect with your peers in a unique virtual office experience. RSVP.

We are mailing our members and clients a storytelling kit this month, featuring both traditional tools (anyone else running low on notebooks?) and exciting ways to hone storytelling skills.

Storytelling Tools

Stories gain strength through collaboration.

Start the year with our January 19 webinar, How to Find Your Story, at 2 pm EST / 11 am Pacific.

We’ll talk to storytellers from ARC media, WordSouth, and Ruralite magazine about how broadband and public power communicators promote utility programs and drive engagement by focusing on stories, not services.

Then take advantage of more story-boosting tools and events:

  • Learn from your peers and share what works for you on our best practices blog.
  • Gain industry best practices and advice from experts across the nation in our free webinar series.
  • Hear from industry leaders in two podcast series: “StoryConnect” and “Rural Broadband Today.”
  • Dive deeper into storytelling research with our ebooks. In 2021 we’re writing about broadband marketing, how consumers use utility websites, common consumer questions, and cross-channel communication planning.
  • Experience the power of story at StoryConnect, a three-day story-focused conference for public power and broadband communicators this August in Gatlinburg, Tennessee.
  • Boost your storytelling skills with other freelance writers and public power communicators at the Pioneer Communicator’s Workshop this September in Newport, Oregon.

Meet our Storytellers

Pioneer’s story changed in 2020, too. Our cooperatively-owned family grew to better serve your needs. We’re excited to introduce you to some new faces and longtime story champions in new roles.

We’re opening our virtual office for Get to Know Your Customer Day on Thursday, January 21, at 4 pm in four time zones (Eastern, Central, Mountain, and Pacific). The event is hosted on Wonder, a cloud-based collaboration software. Meet our staff and catch up with friends. It’s not the same as seeing each other in person, but it will be a fun way to reconnect. RSVP at

Last month Bonnie Baty and Brian Lacy at Cullman Electric Cooperative, Alabama, toured our virtual Oregon office while working on a staff training project with Pioneer’s Megan McKoy-Noe to visit our virtual office Thursday, January 21.

What will your story be in 2021?
Let’s write it together.