Solutions-Focused Website Debuts for Efficiency Services Group

Posted on Feb 18, 2021

Increases in telework, telehealth and remote school trends last year — and the resulting bump in residential energy costs — underscore the critical need for utility efficiency programs. 

Efficiency Services Group (ESG), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Pioneer Utility Resources, offers energy efficiency and conservation services for public power utilities.

“Many people are still struggling with the impacts of the pandemic,” says Miranda Boutelle, ESG’s director of operations and customer engagement. “Energy-efficiency programs not only help customers manage their energy costs, but they are also a fantastic way to strengthen the relationship between the utility and the customer and bring value to the community.”

This month ESG unveiled a new logo and a fresh, solutions-focused website:


Start with Solutions 

Website Solutions Manager Charlie Stanley developed Pioneer’s Powerful web platform to deliver engaging website design and support for more than 100 consumer-owned utilities and related organizations. His team worked with ESG Chief Operating Officer Mark Gosvener and Miranda to transform ESG’s web presence into a more user-friendly, solutions-driven platform.

“The redesigned website is a great new tool to showcase the services ESG offers in a way that is easy to browse through,” says Charlie. “The site is organized to provide easy access to finding a solution that fits each utility best.”

The website features a “Your Challenge” section with examples of how ESG can help a utility overcome specific efficiency needs in the utility industry. The section showcases recent experiences from utilities such as Clatskanie PUD and Blachly-Lane Electric, including ways utilities partnered with ESG during the pandemic to continue energy-efficiency efforts.

“Like many companies, there was a period when almost all of our staff worked from home and all field work was suspended,” says Miranda. “We used electronic solutions to get the work done, including photo and video inspections. We did a good job accommodating the various needs of our staff and the consumer-members we serve by adjusting to their specific needs.” 

The website provides details on all ESG solutions, including:

“We offer more customer choice than ever before,” says Miranda. “Last year we debuted a DIY option for our direct install program, which was traditionally delivered by Energy Efficiency Advisors to customer homes.”

Learn how ESG can deliver solutions crafted to meet unique utility challenges at or by reaching out to Miranda at


Redesigns are Essential       

Old design beside new design

Every situation is unique, but consider a website redesign every two to five years.

Website designs shift with user needs and requirements; your website should not be static. For example: 

ESG’s redesign follows fresh website designs in 2020 for Ruralite, Florida Currents and Currents magazines. Pioneer’s website will be updated later this year.

“This redesign improves the site experience for visitors while simultaneously bringing Efficiency Services Group into branding alignment with other websites that will launch under the Pioneer Utility Resources umbrella in the coming months,” says Charlie.

Let us know what you think of the redesign.

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  1. ESG is a godsend to our little utility. We appreciate the people working so hard on behalf or our members, and view ESG as our energy efficiency department. The new website does a great job of highlighting the solutions ESG offers, and is yet another example of the wrap-around services provided by Pioneer.

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