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We often hear about designing accessible websites, but how many of us understand what it is like to put those designs into practice? Empathy Prompts offers several ways to experience accessibility issues firsthand.

The website challenges you to put yourself in the position of people with cognitive, auditory, motor, or visual conditions. For example:

  • Mute your speakers, then watch a video
  • Sit on your dominant hand, then try to get your work done
  • Borrow someone’s glasses for a few minutes and try to type
  • Wear heavy winter gloves while using your keyboard
  • Use your keyboard—no mouse or trackpad!—to navigate a website (Tip: Use Windows Mouse Keys)

Want to go one step further? Some prompts include extensions you can add to a browser to simulate dyslexia, low vision, and other conditions.

Empathy Prompts is hosted on GitHub, a software development platform. The project is meant to help digital designers take into account how everyone—not just people like them—interact with digital offerings. The website was launched in May to celebrate Global Accessibility Awareness Day.

Accessible Utility Designs

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