A Deep Dive into Utility Best Practices

We love sharing best practices through our blog, but sometimes a topic needs more than a few paragraphs. Hello, eBooks.

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How to Be Human in a Digital World

Connecting with consumer-members online starts by sharing the human side of your story. Our eBook, How to Be Human in a Digital World, shares six ways to strengthen your relationship with consumer-members online.

Coping with a Crisis

To help you prepare for hurricanes, wildfires, snowstorms and other types of extended outages, we have pulled together best practices in this eBook, Coping with a Crisis.

The publication offers insights from battle-tested communicators who survived losing critical communication channels during 2018’s Hurricane Michael. It also features crisis communication plans from Oregon, Nevada and Florida, with handy tools to strengthen your plan.

How to Harness Messaging

Are you ready for a social media shift towards privacy? Learn how to use Messenger to offer ready replies, find time-saving tools and provide consumers with instant service. April 2019

Social Media Best Practices for Utilities

Discover consumer engagement trends, staff response guide, video resources, policy pointers and much more in our social media guide for utility communicators. February 2019