A Deep Dive into Utility Best Practices

We love sharing best practices through our blog, but sometimes a topic needs more than a few paragraphs. Hello, eBooks.

What Will Your Story Be in 2022?

A content planner brings all of your communication channel planning into one place (website, social media, magazine, newsletter, on-hold message, bill insert, etc.). We’ve packed our 2022 guide with important industry dates (both broadband and electric topics) and handy tips for finding and sharing your story next year.

Want a hard copy? You’re in luck! We’re mailing this custom calendar to everyone on our holiday card list. If you want to make sure you get a copy, email hello@pur.coop.

If you can’t wait for the holidays to start planning, we hear you. We couldn’t wait to share it, either. Download the guide, then save your spot in our Nov. 11 content planning webinar.

What to Expect When You’re Connecting

eBook coverAre you prepared to manage your community’s broadband expectations? While every broadband project is a little different, this guide is based on experience WordSouth gained as a communications partner in more than 30 fiber build-outs. The 32-page e-book focuses on three key areas:

  • Tell Your Story: With a strong strategy for clear communication, you can enjoy a successful rollout that makes you the hero in your community’s connectivity story.
  • Market Your Services: Learn how to balance advertising, public relations and branding to market your new program.
  • Train Your People: Share your purpose, answer common staff questions and focus on solutions, not sales.

A variety of marketing materials for both internal and external audiences are showcased to spark ideas. Download the guide and let us know how we can support your broadband experience.


Seven Ways to Keep Digital Ads on Target

In a digital-first world, are your messages reaching members? Learn how to build an effective advertising strategy for the digital marketplace. Learn about social mirroring, mobile conquesting and a carousel of other digital advertising options to make sure your content reaches the right consumers.


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Social Storms

How often do you think of outage messaging from a consumers’ perspective? Anna Politano, director of public relations and communications at the Oklahoma Association of Electric Cooperatives, took this task to heart. She wrote her graduate thesis on what needs drive consumers to engage with a utility during an outage. We partnered with Anna to share highlights from her focus groups and post analysis in a webinar.

Download our eBook collaboration, “Social Storms”, for a summary of her findings.

Prepare Yourself

When you planned your content for 2020, did you block out time for a pandemic, rampant wildfires and overactive hurricane season? We do not know everything 2021 will bring our way. Think of content planning as a safety net!

A content planner brings all of your communication channel planning into one place (website, social media, magazine, newsletter, on-hold message, bill insert, etc.). Our planning guide breaks this down into four areas:

  1. Key messages
  2. Local page planning
  3. Bill insert planning
  4. 2021 industry engagement opportunities

Download the guide, then listen to our archived webinar where we walk you through how to plan ahead for 2021!

Coping with a Crisis

Cover of the eBook, Coping with a Crisis

To help you prepare for hurricanes, wildfires, snowstorms and other types of extended outages, we have pulled together best practices in this eBook, Coping with a Crisis.

The publication offers insights from battle-tested communicators who survived losing critical communication channels during 2018’s Hurricane Michael. It also features crisis communication plans from Oregon, Nevada and Florida, with handy tools to strengthen your plan.

How to be Human in a Digital World

Connecting with consumer-members online starts by sharing the human side of your story. Our eBook, How to Be Human in a Digital World, shares six ways to strengthen your relationship with consumer-members online.


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