What to Expect When You're Connecting eBook Cover Image. Best practices for launching a broadband programAre you prepared to manage your community’s broadband expectations? While every broadband project is a little different, this guide is based on experience WordSouth gained as a communications partner in more than 30 fiber build-outs. The 32-page e-book focuses on three key areas:

  • Tell Your Story: With a strong strategy for clear communication, you can enjoy a successful rollout that makes you the hero in your community’s connectivity story.
  • Market Your Services: Learn how to balance advertising, public relations, and branding to market your new program.
  • Train Your People: Share your purpose, answer common staff questions and focus on solutions, not sales.

A variety of marketing materials for both internal and external audiences are showcased to spark ideas. Download the guide and let us know how we can support your broadband experience.

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