Digital Meeting Tips

How to Engage Consumer-Members While Meeting Online

Engaging with consumer-members at community events, open houses and business meetings plays a big role in who we are as community-owned utilities.

How can we maintain human connections in a social-distance world?

We’ve pulled together best practices from your peers and offer free graphics, online voting and editorial support to help strengthen your meetings online.

Three Tips for Meeting Planners in a Pandemic

Trent Scott, Tennessee Electric Cooperative Association, weighs considerations and options for meeting planning during the pandemic. Learn how he’s looking for positive moments here.


Scott Peters speaking at his online member meeting

Three Ways to Lead Meetings from a Distance

Learn how electric cooperatives, including the #UtilityPioneers at Columbia REA, Washington, and Gulf Coast Electric Cooperative, Florida, opted for online streaming, call-in and drive-by annual meetings when the pandemic canceled in-person events. Read key takeaways here.


StoryConnect Podcast:
An Annual Meeting Goes Virtual

Norvado, a telecommunications cooperative in Wisconsin, took their member meeting virtual in 2020. Our storytelling partners at WordSouth interviewed Norvado Marketing Director Chad Mix to find out how the switch worked, and what he wishes he’d done differently. Listen to the podcast here.


Keep Voting on Track

If your bylaws allow for online voting, our online ballot tool through ARC Media makes the transition seamless. Want to see how online voting works? ARC Media’s tutorial shows how easy online voting can be for your utility. Email us to find out how to securely move your voting online.

Online Meeting Graphics

Unable to see consumer-members in person? Social media engagement is more important than ever. To support the switch to virtual meetings, here are four virtual meeting graphics for social media (click on thumbnail to download larger version):


Need more help boosting digital engagement? Our eBook, How to be Human in a Digital World, offers six tips for making meaningful connections with consumer-members online. Looking for more support? You’ll love Pioneer Social and ARC Media’s TwoFourSeven Program.


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