These days, we all have a personal assistant in our pocket. You might assume wall calendars are becoming a thing of the past, but studies show the opposite is true.

If you’re reading this in an office, there’s a pretty good chance that you can see a calendar right now. According to a study by The Calendar Advertising Council, eight out of 10 respondents used a printed calendar at work. (Mine was a gift from the World Wildlife Fund!)

The New York Times states, “Paper calendars endure, despite the digital age.” One of the largest drivers for calendars retaining their popularity is the decorative aspect. Digital calendars and apps aren’t great for expressing interests or personalities.

Another factor to consider is tangibility. Sometimes, it’s easier to jot something down instead of opening an app. Besides, it’s well known that writing notes can improve retention. Are you likely to recall an appointment if the notification gets buried in your phone? Glancing at a wall calendar is often a simpler solution to remembering an appointment.

Why does this matter to utilities? Wall calendars are an effective marketing tool to ensure that consumers see your brand and messaging year-round. Calendars are an opportunity to share who you are, as well as engage your readers. Get your community involved by hosting a photo contest!

Custom Calendars

Interested in making an impact with your readers? Pioneer Utility Resources (formerly Ruralite Services) offers affordable options to create a calendar your fans will love. Contact your editor or email PUR – our team is happy to answer any questions and consider all possibilities.